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We could not stop talking about the film last night...even laying in bed trying to fall asleep...AMAZING! WOW!
Adrienne Flentge


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Short Synopsis

Diagnosed with ALS, a fatal neurodgenerative disease, filmmaker Ben Byer starts documenting his life on camera. What begins as a series of video diaries grows into an epic journey spanning three years and six countries as he scours the globe looking for answers - and a cure. 

A cinematic adventure filled with extraordinary characters, breathtaking landscapes and abundant humor, Indestructible is beautifully shot by Academy Award™ nominee Roko Belic (Genghis Blues).  In his first feature film, Byer takes us on a visually stunning global quest to survive as he begins to understand the power of the human condition.


Long Synopsis

Indestructible begins with 31 year-old actor/playwright and single father Ben Byer receiving stunning news: he has ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease with a prognosis of two to five years to live and no known effective treatments. As a way of coping with his anger and frustration, Ben begins documenting his life on camera. What begins as a series of video diaries grows into an epic three-year journey that takes him around the world looking for answers, and maybe even a cure.

Joined by his childhood friend and Academy Award™ nominee Roko Belic (Genghis Blues) as his cameraman, Ben takes the audience on a daringly candid first-person ride through the world of ALS. Traveling across the country and then to Greece, Ben meets with medical experts (including the renowned Dr. Oliver Sacks (Awakenings)), and other ALS sufferers, revealing a world in which people struggle to stand, to speak, and to remain alive as they await a breakthrough that might save them.

When Ben’s father, Steve, finds after painstaking research an herbal remedy that seems to slow the disease’s progression, Ben travels to China to meet the inventor and seek out other treatments that might improve his condition. As he journeys from Hong Kong to Xiahe, Ben encounters tests of courage and faith, unexpected friendships and even moments of escape from the grim threat of the disease.

In the midst of this adventure comes a startling development: a doctor in Beijing is using a new fetal-cell transplant to treat ALS patients. Ben must now weigh the operation’s potential to stop the disease and possibly restore function to his body against the grave risks of the procedure itself. His decision is further complicated when his father arrives wanting to schedule dozens of other ALS patients who are desperate to have the surgery.

As controversy surrounding the unproven procedure grows, the Byer family finds itself at odds with the ALS community and each other. The inevitable fallout forces them all to confront their deepest fears and discover new ways to continue their fight against the deadly disease.

An unexpected twist finds Ben once again in a far-off land, and, as the film reaches its transcendent finale, he begins again, facing the reality and seeking the hope of his existence.

A film of towering beauty and deep philosophical insight, Indestructible transcends its dark subject matter to deliver a universal message about the bonds of family, the necessity of hope and the tragic joy of being alive. At once an impassioned cry for change and an artistic triumph from a filmmaker persevering against unimaginable odds, Indestructible is an unforgettable cinematic experience.