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I can't get Indestructible out of my head. I keep hearing the music, seeing the images and thinking about the remarkable story. It's an incredibly brave and powerful piece of storytelling. An incredible film.
Joanna Rudnick



ALS Film Fund is always appreciative of the desire to help bring Indestructible to the public and raise awareness for ALS. Because we are a small organization without big dollars, your assistance can make all the difference.

You can host a screening in your home, at your local school, restaurant, museum, library, yoga studio, or anywhere that has a projector, DVD player and sound system.  This can be as simple as a large screen television in your living room all the way up to a full-size theater in your community.  While many venues charge rental fees, there are usually some free or inexpensive options in your area.  Depending on your budget and manpower, a screening can be arranged almost anywhere. 

Below are some general questions you may have about hosting a screening, however, please do not hesitate to contact Rebeccah Rush at alsfilm@gmail.com or 336-757-2060.


Screening FAQ

Can I host a screening of Indestructible?
Yes!  Small, independent screenings are a great way for us to bring Indestructible to the public.  There are several options for you or your organization.  We are very committed to bringing this film to the public in a simple and affordable way.

Community screening - $100 Suggested Donation - For non-profits, grassroots, community organizations looking to sponsor a screening of the film in your area.  All screenings should be open to the public and free of charge.  

Educational DVD - $250 Suggested Donation- For universities, colleges, hospitals, health clinics, libraries, corporations, museums and galleries. Includes rights to screen film, in perpetuity, for groups less than 75 and free of charge.

Can I purchase Indestructible for my local library or public school?
Yes!  The suggested cost for a DVD for a public library or public school is $50 and is intended for lending or classroom use.

Can I charge a ticket price if I host a screening?
If you would like to screen Indestructible and charge for admission, please contact Rebeccah Rush at alsfilm@gmail.com or 336-757-2060. 

Do you provide any promotional materials for screenings?
ALS Film Fund can provide two 27"x48" Indestructible posters for screenings.  ALS Film Fund will post your screening on www.indestructiblefilm.com as well as include pertinent information in newsletters and on our blog to assist in making your screening a success.  Postcards, additional posters and PR can also be arranged.


For general FAQ, please click here.