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Watching Indestructible was the best film experience I've ever had. I was profoundly moved by your life and your attitude, not to mention the beautiful images that wove it all together. Thank you for sharing your truth with us.


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Ben Byer.....writer / director / producer
Rebeccah Rush.....producer
Roko Belic.....cinematographer / co-producer
Tim Baron.....editor / associate producer
Alison Chesley.....composer

David Suycott.....sound engineer


with (in order of appearance)

Ben Byer
John Byer
Josephine Christopher
Rebeccah Rush
Steve Byer
Barbara Byer
Dr. Teepu Siddique
Dr. Robert Miller
Sue Zuckerman
Cary Smith
Marty Konieczny
Ronnie Abdinoor
Barry Coughlin
Elio Marzullo
Dr. Steven Albert
Howard Bergert
Alvin Mitchell
Tony Papoulias
Anaximander Thales
Annie Papoulias
Dmitri Papoulias
Dr. Oliver Sacks
Granny Papoulias
Anastasia Papoulias
Miriam Dick
Hiu Hung Huang
Dr. Young Chow Xia
Wang Shouren
Roko Belic
Todd vanBodegom-Smith
Fan Fan
Young Laotia
Qi Pie
Dr. Hongyun Huang
Danny Vyvey
Dr. Stanley Appel
Dwight Stang
Dr. Paul Alan Cox
Rabbi Daniel Gordis
Josh Byer


Additional Camera

Tim Baron
Ben Byer
Steve Byer
Patricia Calvo
Josephine Christopher
Tyler Dallmann
Miriam Dick
Hiu Hung Huang
Reuel Kaplan
Dr. Lee
Jake Rademacher
Glen Miller
Kevin Riley
Barry Wein

China Crew

Miriam Dick.....Production Coordinator / 2nd Unit Director
Hiu Hung Huang.....Translator
Lan Zoulan.....CCTV Representative


Tim Vonderloh.....Web Design
Torrey Hyatt.....Web Support
Dave Suycott.....Sound Engineer
Drew Rush.....Tech Support
Mengqi Xia.....Translator
Tyler Dallmann.....Logger
Miriam Dick.....Logger
Stephanie Fee.....Logger
Mia Fiorella.....Logger
Jessica Galloy.....Logger
Maya Kuper.....Logger
Patricia Stewart.....Logger
Kourtney Vahle.....Logger
Erin Yerges.....Logger
John Byer.....Tape Wrangler

Production Assistance

Josh Byer
Steve Byer
Arnie Draiman
Julie Ford
Torrey Hyatt
Richard Liu
Liatte Miller


Featuring Songs By

Chinbat Batmunkh

Greg Brown

Frederic Chopin

W.A. Mozart

Beth Orton

John T. Rice

Luke Rothschild

David Suycott


Original score produced and recorded at

Mike Lapchick Studio and

idigmusic studios, Chicago, IL.