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I just spent the night watching Indestructible and I'm sitting here stunned, awed, devastated and rethinking the meaning of life. Thank you for making this movie, you have forever changed me.
Wendy Keller



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EVENT UPDATE - July, 2009

When we began planning INDESTRUCTIBLE ART we were not exactly sure what to expect. This event was truly the first of it’s kind, not typical of most fundraising events any of us had ever experienced.  What transpired on this evening exceeded our modest expectations.  The perfect blend of artistry, talent, and entertainment brought forth the poignancy and relevance of making a difference in the battle of this disease.


With more than 150 guests in attendance on a balmy summer night, $20,000 was raised.  This is a significant amount for a small organization such as ours.  These dollars will enable the ALS Film Fund to continue its mission to create more awareness and education for ALS and those suffering from the disease. Raising money is a constant concern and we never seem to have enough, however, this event was measured far more by the impact it had on those who participated and attended.  The exhibition of artwork paired with Chad’s incredible performance left us all moved and inspired.


Since INDESTUCTIBLE ART was successful in so many ways, we are already planning to make it an annual event in Chicago as well as other cities across the country.



INDESTRUCTIBLE ART could not have been possible without the generous and enthusiastic support from all involved:


Chad Willetts organized this event and executed it with great diligence, detail and success.  He is an amazing pianist, an excellent event planner and a warm, generous spirit.

Jennifer Hartnett, Derek Stockton, and the amazing staff at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel.

Bob Gross

Matthew Hickey

Carol Fox and Associates

Clarity Print Services

Caffe Rom

Trader Joes

Laura Donkel

Amy Willetts

Twania Brewster

The Gilkison Family Foundation for their generous grant of $10,000

The numerous individuals who donated and purchased art.


The extremely talented and inspirational artists:

Deborah Boardman

Diane Christiansen

Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

Julie Ann Coney

Shelley Davis

Malcolm Edgerton

Matthew Hanner

Matthew Kane

Tom Kane

David Lebenbom

Janet McNulty

Rebeccah Rush and Andrew Rush

Lori Swerdlow

Santiago Vaca

Chad Willetts

Mason Willetts

Holly Wolf-Mattick


And finally, the inspiration behind it all, my brother Ben Byer and his incredible movie Indestructible.  His spirit and his strength continue on.

If you were unable to attend INDESTRUCTIBLE ART but would still like to contribute towards our efforts, please visit the Donate page for details or purchase a DVD in our online store.  Any amount is always appreciated and your dollar goes a long way.  Thank you for your support of this and other ALS Film Fund programs.